Why CBD?!

Some of you know that I joined in with a CBD company.

There's so much I could say about why - but to keep it short and sweet I'll say that after about a year of looking into different CBDs my husband and I found a high quality, all natural full spectrum hemp CBD (with a 94% absorption rate!!! vs most others that are only 6% absorbed!)

We were so impressed with the stats, effects, testimonies and lab reports that we decided to jump in and become ambassadors for the company!

Not only is it an amazing product (oral and topical) but the company itself has many many benefits for those working the business, from $1500 a month towards health insurance, earning a new jeep and many more!

They are also people oriented and give back in many ways such as providing food to hungry children and also giving ambassadors a "blessing bonus" where you have the opportunity to receive additional money that you can use to bless another person or charity of your choice.

If you're interested in learning more about this company and why we chose it, check out some of these links and reports.

If you'd like to try the CBD for yourself you can purchase directly off the website or you can reach me for a one time trial bottle without any strings attached. 
My Zilis Site

Feel free to message me with any questions! And if you're interested in learning how you too can run your own business, help others and earn income - let's chat! '


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