Caprese Chicken - quick version

So apparently I started blogging this recipe a few days shy of a year ago! I just got online to find it and realized I never finished posting the blog. Having just had a baby 36 hours prior may have had a little to do with it!

(Yes! About to celebrate my baby's first birthday! And will be welcoming a third to the family early next year! Yikes!)

Seems the fresh local basil and tomatoes were the inspiration for the dish this time of year!

This is actually the quicker version. For the more lengthy process of making a balsamic glaze - GO HERE. But when you're in a pinch and just looking to make some - "throw it together dinner" or prep - this is your dish!

What you need:
As many chicken breasts to feed your fam or as you want for your prep that week
(what is meal prep? - check out this blog!)
balsamic vinegar
fresh basil if possible
a fresh tomato - 2 if you want more!
fresh veggies
motzarella cheese - fresh of course is better but if you have leftover shredded from when your mother in law was staying with you - then by all means use it up!

- how much I used:
5 chicken breasts
1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
2 fresh tomatoes
1.5 cup shredded motz
2 bags brussels (about 6 cups)
handful of sweet peppers
multiple shakes of dried basil - fresh tastes SO much better!

(i really dont measure anything and just throw things together! #flybytheseatofyourpants )

So basically I laid out the chicken in a baking dish, covered them in balsamic vinegar then basil then sliced tomatoes and motz, more basil and more balsamic!

Place in the oven at 400 degrees until the chicken is thoroughly cooked! (165F)

Of course I wanted to have some greens with my protein so I cut up some brussels and peppers and threw them in the oven along with the chicken! Keep an eye on them tho because they will only take about 15min to cook! 

There ya have it!
Enjoy and let me know about it!

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