Set Appointments with yourself

Besides being in the right MINDSET, what is another important piece to being productive and reaching goals?

We can think and dream all we want but taking action is so important.

So i encourage you to set appointments with yourself!!

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Map out your week and even your month if you can! Sit down for 15min every Sunday night and plan how you will reach your goals!!

What time will the alarm go off?
What days will you workout and at what time?
When will you grocery shop and meal plan?
When will you have time dedicated to your loved ones?
Time dedicated to your spiritual wellbeing?

And realize these appointments are just as important as if they were made at your doctors or with a friend. You just cant skip out on them because you're tired or want to binge watch real housewives!

If you had a friend that constantly flaked on you or made poor excuses for cancelling youd probably start to feel as if she didnt value your time, right?

Don't flake on yourself!!! Take that time each week to plan your schedule and then follow thru!!!

You truly are worth it!